How much is a 6 inch sub of the day?

How much is a 6 inch sub of the day?
They’ll be featuring a different 6-inch sub each day ofthe week for just $3.50. The daily sub schedule is this thefollowing: Monday – Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. Tuesday– Oven Roasted Chicken.


Simply so, what is the 6 inch sub of the day at Subway?

For $6, get a Footlong “Sub of theDay.” Here’s the weekly line-up: Sunday – MeatballMarinara; Monday – Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki; Tuesday– Oven-Roasted Chicken; Wednesday – Turkey Breast;Thursday – Italian BMT; Friday – Tuna; and Saturday– Black Forest Ham.

One may also ask, how much is a 6 inch Subway? Subway Menu Prices

Food Size Price
Italian B.M.T. 6-inch $4.25
Meatball Marinara 6-inch $3.75
Oven Roasted Chicken 6-inch $4.25
Pizza Sub with Cheese 6-inch $3.75

what is the sub of the day?

Here’s the discounted Subway sub of theDay: Thursday – Italian B.M.T. Friday – Tuna.Saturday – Black Forest Ham. Sunday – MeatballMarinara.

How much does sub of the day cost?

The deal mirrors their “$3.50 Sub of the Day”deal so that you can choose to go with either a $3.506-inch or $6 Footlong of the day’s sub. 1/1/18 – While theSub of the Day deal may be available at select locations,Subway is currently running a $4.99 Footlong Deal fora limited time as a national promotion.

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Does subway still do $5 footlongs?

Subway — home of the totally serviceablesandwich — announced on Monday that it was killing the $5footlong promotion. Kind of. But it does mean that as ofthis month, it’ll be up to individual franchisees whether or not torun the deal, Subway CEO Trevor Haynes told USA Today in an“exclusive interview.”

Is Subway really healthy?

The bottom line. Subway offers a better varietyof healthy meal options than many other fast foodrestaurants. In general, Subway’s meals are low in sugar anda decent source of fiber and protein, however, many are also loadedwith fat and sodium.

What subs are $4.99 at Subway?

Subway: $3.99 Sub of the Day special

  • Sunday: Tuna.
  • Monday: Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki.
  • Tuesday: Oven Roasted Chicken.
  • Wednesday: Turkey Breast.
  • Thursday: Italian BMT.
  • Friday: Meatball Marinara.
  • Saturday: Black Forest Ham.

What does BMT stand for at Subway?

Brooklyn Manhattan Transit

What does BMT stand for?

Big Man Ting

How Much Is a Subway 6 inch?

Subway Prices

Food Size Price
Italian B.M.T. 6-inch $4.25
Meatball Marinara 6-inch $3.75
Oven Roasted Chicken 6-inch $4.25
Pizza Sub with Cheese 6-inch $3.75

What is Italian BMT?

Italian B.M.T.® This all-time Italianclassic is filled with Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni, and ham. Getit made the way you say with your favorite veggies on freshly bakedbread.

What is Subway meal deal?

Subway has introduced a $4 meal dealfeaturing a choice of one of seven signature 6-inch subs and a 21oz. drink. Additionally, a $5 meal with a choice of OvenRoasted Chicken, Turkey Breast, Tuna, Turkey Breast and BlackForest Ham, Italian B.M.T., or Buffalo Chicken 6-inch sub is alsoavailable.

When did subway stop $5 footlongs?

On February 4, 2016, Subway relaunched its AnyRegular Footlong promotion, but at $6 instead of $5,leading to many people on social media to complain about the pricehike.

What’s new at Subway?

While a club sandwich traditionally features bacon,turkey and lettuce, Subway is proving its newinnovative approach to the classic sandwich is far fromtraditional. The new Club Collection turns the rules upsidedown by modernizing these iconic sandwiches with a kick of spicyjalapeños, steak, and creamy guacamole.

What sandwiches are 2.99 at Subway?

The Subway $2.99 Fresh Value Menu offers severalsix-inch sandwiches for $2.99 each. Buyers can choosefrom popular subs, such as Black Forest Ham, MeatballMarinara, Spicy Italian and the Veggie Delite. The company says allof its sandwiches are made with freshly bakedbread.

What is a deluxe upgrade at Subway?

As part of a continuing celebration for their 50thanniversary, Subway is allowing customers to add 50% moremeat to their 6 inch sandwiches for 50 cents. Subway istelling customers to call these sandwiches“Deluxe” when they order to represent theupgraded subs.

What are subway sliders?

– Little Cheesesteak ($1.99) – Shaved steak, chipotlesouthwest sauce, white American cheese, green bell peppers, and redonions on a telera slider roll. – Little Turkey ($1.99) -Turkey breast, pepper jack, spinach, and mayo on a teleraslider roll.

What breads does subway have?

A review of Subway’s bread selection

  • Italian. Calories per 6” serving: 200.
  • Flatbread. Calories per 6” serving: 220.
  • Monterey Cheddar. Calories per 6” serving: 240.
  • Italian Herb and Cheese. Calories per 6” serving:250.
  • 9-Grain Wheat Bread. Calories per 6” serving: 210.
  • Honey Oat. Calories per 6” serving: 260.

What kind of subs are at Subway?

A bottled beverage can be added for an additionalcharge. Sandwich options: Veggie Delite®, Black Forest Ham,Cold Cut Combo and Spicy Italian, Italian B.M.T.®,Subway Club®, Tuna, Turkey & Ham, Turkey Breast andRoast Beef.

What should I get at Subway?

  • Italian B.M.T.
  • Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt.
  • Oven-Roasted Chicken.
  • Steak & Cheese.
  • Classic Tuna.
  • Meatball Marinara.
  • Veggie Delite.
  • Rotisserie-Style Chicken.

What kind of meat do they have at Subway?

Many meat choices exist for Subwaysandwiches. Most restaurants have turkey breast, ham,chicken breast, roast beef, tuna, turkey salami, beefsteak, bacon,meatballs, pepperoni, Genoa salami, turkey bologna and shavedsteak.

How many grams is a 6 inch Subway sandwich?

Subway (CA) Calorie Counter

Food Serving
Menu Category: 6-inch Sandwiches with 6 grams ofFat or Less
Ham 224 g MORE
Oven Roasted Chicken 231 g MORE
Roast Beef 224 g MORE

How many calories are in a 6 inch Subway?

6-Inch Monterey Cheddar contains 240calories, while 6-inch Italian Herbs andCheese contains 250 calories. If you choose one of thesebreads, you will raise the calorie total of a tuna sub by 30or 40 calories to 510 or 520 totalcalories.

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