Who presented the clothes show?

Who presented the clothes show?
1–6 December – NEC Birmingham After a six-year hiatus, Clothes Show Live wasbrought back onto our screens through the UKTV Style channel andwas hosted by Brendan Courtney, Louise Redknapp and originalpresenter, Caryn Franklin.


Correspondingly, who hosted the Clothes Show?

The first episode of The Clothes Show wasbroadcast on BBC1 on 13th Oct 1986 and quickly became essentialviewing for 80s fashionistas. It was originally hosted byBBC Breakfast Time presenter Selina Scott and fashion designer JeffBanks.

Furthermore, which fashion designer created the TV series The Clothes Show in 1986? BBC series (1986-2000) The Clothes Show was first broadcast on 13October 1986, with Breakfast Time’s Selina Scott anddesigner Jeff Banks as its first hosts. The showcombined reports from the catwalks with items on how to achieve acatwalk-type look on a reasonable budget.

Subsequently, question is, which fashion designer created the clothes show?

The Clothes Show was the firstfashion-based TV show in the world and createda whole new genre which still proves popular today. The showwas the brainchild of veteran fashion designer JeffBanks.

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