How do I forward my calls to another phone Metro PCS?

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How do I forward my calls to another phone Metro PCS?
Set-up MetroPCS Instant Call Forwarding bydialing “72” on your phone plus the number that you wantyour calls forwarded to. If the number the callsshould go to is 555-333-2222, then you would dial “725553332222”and press the “Enter” key. The second type of callforwarding is Conditional Call Forwarding.


Similarly, it is asked, how do I forward calls from one Metro PCS phone to another?

Dial “*72” (excluding the quotation marks)plus the 10-digit number the calls will be forward toon the MetroPCS phone. For example, if the number plus areacode is 777- 555-5555, you would dial *72-777-555-5555. 2. Pressthe “SEND” button on the phone keypad.

Subsequently, question is, how do I turn off call forwarding on Metro PCS? Scroll to “Phone” and tap“Call.” Tap “CallForwarding.” Tap “Always Forward” toenable or “Disable” to disable callforwarding.

Accordingly, can I forward my calls to another phone?

Most phones allow you to set up callforwarding with some quick changes in the phone’s settings.If you don’t see an option to transfer your calls to anothernumber in your phone’s settings, you can initiatecall forwarding with a dial code or feature change from yourcell carrier.

What is the code to forward calls?

Call forwarding is often enabled by dialing *72followed by the telephone number to which calls should beforwarded. Once someone answers, call forwarding is ineffect. If no one answers or the line is busy, the dialing sequencemust be repeated to effect call forwarding. Callforwarding is disabled by dialing *73.

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What is TrapCall?

TrapCall is a subscription based service thatreveals blocked and No Caller ID numbers from any mobile deviceacross most carriers.

What is conditional call forwarding?

Conditional call forwarding (sometimes called NoAnswer/Busy Transfer) allows you to have incoming calls goto another phone line, whenever your wireless device is: Busy (youare on a call) Unanswered (you are not able to pick-up)Unreachable (you have lost connectivity or your phone is turnedoff)

What is the best call forwarding app?

Let’s take a look at the best 6 Call Forwarding apps whichare designed to make your iPhone call forward experience efficientand trouble-free.

  • Line 2.
  • Call Forwarding Lite.
  • Call Forward.
  • Divert Calls.
  • Voipfone Mobile.
  • GV Connect.

How do I forward my calls from a broken phone?

Enter the number for the phone to be forwardedto, followed by “#.” A confirmation will let the user know theforward is successful. Dial 1-888-294-1618 from anytouch-tone phone. Enter the phone number of thephone to be forwarded.

How do you forward calls on an Android phone?

Forward calls using Android settings

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Touch the Action Overflow icon. On some phones, touch the Menuicon instead to see a list of commands.
  3. Choose Settings or Call Settings.
  4. Choose Call Forwarding.
  5. Choose one of the following options:
  6. Set the forwarding number.
  7. Touch Enable or OK.

Does MetroPCS offer landline?

MetroPCS Launches Landline Replacement.The prepaid carrier is offering a service that lets callersreach up to five MetroPCS family plan subscribers with asingle shared number. The service is priced at $5 a month forsubscribers with a MetroPCS family plan.

How do I turn off call forwarding on my Android phone?

How to Turn Off Call Forwarding on Android?

  1. Launch the Phone application.
  2. Tap the Menu icon on the top right corner.
  3. Tap the Settings option from the menu.
  4. Tap the Calls option from the menu.
  5. Tap the Call Forwarding option.
  6. If any of the options below are enabled, tap on the enabledoption and select Turn Off.

How do I activate call forwarding?

How to set up call forwarding on Android

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Hit the 3-dot menu button or the 3-line menu button.
  3. Go to ‘Settings’ or ‘Call settings’.
  4. Tap on ‘Call forwarding’.
  5. You will see multiple options, including:
  6. After choosing one of the listed options, go ahead and set theforwarding number.
  7. Select ‘Enable’, ‘Turn on’, or ‘OK’.

How do I turn on call forwarding?

How to use Call Forwarding

  1. Open the Phone app on your smartphone (or use the dial pad onyour basic phone).
  2. Enter *72 and then enter the 10-digit phone number where youwant your calls to be forwarded. (e.g., *72-908-123-4567).
  3. Tap the Call icon and wait to hear a confirmation tone ormessage.

How do I setup call forwarding?

When you choose an option, you’ll be prompted to enter thenumber to forward to.

How to forward calls on an Android phone

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots at the top right and chooseSettings.
  3. Scroll down and tap More settings.
  4. Tap on Call forwarding.

How do I set up text message forwarding?

Set up text message forwarding

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings >Messages > Send & Receive.
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text MessageForwarding.*
  3. Choose which devices can send and receive text messages fromyour iPhone.

How do I divert calls from one mobile to another?

Want to divert incoming calls to another number?Follow these easy instructions.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Phone.
  3. Tap Call Forwarding.
  4. Choose one of the following options:
  5. Tap the indicator next to “Call Forwarding” until the functionis turned on.
  6. If it’s the first time you divert calls:

What is unconditional call forwarding?

You can still make outgoing calls on yourphone, but incoming calls will go to the number youset up. A message indicates that Call Forward Unconditionalis activated. Deactivate Call Forward Unconditional Dial#21#. A message indicates that Call Forward Unconditional isdeactivated.

What is call divert in mobile phone?

In mobile phone technology, call divert isa phone feature that enables the user to forward or redirecttheir incoming calls to an alternate number, which can be alandline or cellular number. Users can also choose todivert incoming calls directly tovoicemail.

How do you reset call forwarding?

Dial *073 to deactivate call forwarding NOANSWER.

How do I check call forwarding?

To check the diverts you’ve set up on your line, followthese instructions:

  1. To check the number you’ve set up for divert all calls:*#21#
  2. To check the number you’ve set up for calls you don’t manage toanswer within 15 seconds: *#61#
  3. To check the number you’ve set up when your phone is engaged:*#67#

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