How do I connect Windows Live Mail to Outlook?

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How do I connect Windows Live Mail to Outlook?
Accessing Outlook Mail and Hotmail From Windows LiveMail

  1. Select Accounts in the Windows Live Mail ribbonmenu.
  2. Select Email.
  3. Enter your email address, password, and display name for yoursent messages.
  4. Select the checkbox next to Remember this password.
  5. Select the checkbox next to Manually configure serversettings.


Correspondingly, how do I link my Outlook email to Windows Live Mail?

Mail app on Windows

  1. Select .
  2. Select the Mail tile to launch the app.
  3. Navigate to Setting > Accounts > Add an account.
  4. Choose the type of account you want to add, and then follow theon-screen instructions to enter your,, or email address and password and Sign in.

Furthermore, is Outlook the same as Live Mail? Live Mail and are essentiallythe same thing. If you log into or using the same Microsoft ID,you should see the same mailbox, but possibly with adifferent user interface.

Likewise, people ask, how do I add an email account to Windows Live Mail?

How to Add Email Accounts to Windows Live Mail

  1. Click the blue Windows Live Mail button located on the top-leftcorner of the application window.
  2. When the menu appears, click Options and then Emailaccounts
  3. When the Accounts dialog box appears, click the Add…button.
  4. Select Email Account as the type of account you wish to add toWindows Live Mail.

Is Windows Live Mail in Outlook?

Windows Live Mail (formerly named Windows LiveMail Desktop, code-named Elroy) is a discontinued freewareemail client from Microsoft. It is the successor to WindowsMail in Windows Vista, which was the successor toOutlook Express in Windows XP and Windows98.

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What is the mail server for live com?

Setup Your Account with Your Email Program UsingIMAP ( SMTP Server
SMTP port 587
SMTP username Your full email address
SMTP password Your password

What are the server settings for Windows Live Mail?

The email servers and settings are:

  • Incoming:
  • Outgoing:
  • User Name is your entire email address eg.
  • password: YourPassword.
  • You need to turn on “My outgoing server (SMTP) requiresauthentication”
  • Incoming Server Port: 995 (Requires SSL)
  • Outgoing Server Port: 25 (Requires TLS)

What is the incoming and outgoing mail server for Windows Live Mail?

Choose the server type IMAP and enter theserver address and the port 993 . CheckRequires a secure connection. Enter the the server for the outgoing server and port587 .

What is Outlook Live used for? is a webmail service that youuse in a web browser to send and receive email.

How do I setup Outlook in Windows 10?

Add a new email account

  1. Open the Mail app by clicking the Windows Start menu andchoosing Mail.
  2. If this is the first time you’ve opened the Mail app, you’llsee a Welcome page.
  3. Select Add account.
  4. Choose the type of the account you want to add.
  5. Enter the required information and click Sign in.
  6. Click Done.

What are the IMAP settings for Hotmail?

Setup Your Account with Your Email Program UsingIMAP ( IMAP Server
IMAP port 993
IMAP security SSL / TLS
IMAP username Your full email address
IMAP password Your password

How do I convert Windows mail to Outlook?

Following are the steps:

  1. Start Outlook and Windows Mail.
  2. In Windows Mail >> Go to File.
  3. In the File menu >> Click on Export >>Messages.
  4. From Windows Mail Export Wizard >> Select MicrosoftExchange >> Click Next.
  5. A message will appear.

How do I transfer my live mail to a new computer?

Transfer Using Windows Live Account In your, OLD Computer set and use A Microsoft IDand Windows Live Account and move all items in yourWindows Live Account. Run Windows Live Mail EmailClient on New PC, Click on Home Tab option. Now Click onSign IN Option, Enter your Microsoft Live ID or Password indesired fields.

How do I import PST files into Windows 10 mail?

Import Outlook items from a .pst file in Outlook forPC

  1. At the top of your Outlook ribbon, select File.
  2. Select Open & Export > Import/Export.
  3. Select Import from another program or file, and then clickNext.
  4. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.
  5. Browse to the .pst file you want to import.

Where are Windows Live Mail emails stored?

Windows Live Mail data files are stored inthe following location: C:Users[User Name] If you do not see yourown name, your files are most likely in something generic, such asOwner or User.AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows LiveMail.

Does Windows 10 mail store emails locally?

Windows Mail App doesn’t have an archive orbackup function. However, all email messages are storedlocally on a mail folder in the hidden AppDatafolder. Email messages are stored as .EML files and to be able toread them without Mail App needs another email client thatis capable of reading .EML files.

Can I install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10?

How to Install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10

  • Download Windows Essentials from this link.
  • Run the installer.
  • When you run the installer, choose Windows Live Mail from thelist of programs you want to install (of course, you can installother programs from the package, as well)
  • Wait until the installation is finished.

Can I import Windows Live Mail into Windows 10 mail?

Locally stored data can be moved from WindowsLive Mail 2012 to Outlook 2016 before or after your Outlook.comaccount is upgraded. This process moves your Windows LiveMail directly into your Outlook mail files. Inthe Windows Live Mail window, click the File button and selectExportand then select Email messages.

Does Gmail work with Windows Live Mail?

When you first you run Windows Live Mail, the Addan E-mail Account dialog automatically opens. The displayname can be anything, and doesn’t have to match yourGmail email address; your choice of display name doesn’taffect your Gmail account itself, only emails you sendthrough Gmail from Windows Live Mail.

How do I setup Gmail on Windows 10?

How to Set Up Gmail in Windows 10

  1. Click the Windows 10 Start Button and select All apps.
  2. Scroll down the list a bit, and in the M section, selectMail.
  3. Welcome to the Welcome screen.
  4. Click/tap the + Add account button.
  5. From the Choose an account screen, select Google.
  6. The “Connecting to a service” window will appear,and display a Google login window.

How do I connect my Gmail account to Windows Mail?

Access a Gmail Account in Windows Mail

  1. Open Mail.
  2. Select Manage accounts then select Add account.
  3. From the pop-up dialog box, select Google.
  4. The dialog box shifts to Google’s standard Sign-In with Googleweb form.
  5. After you authenticate to Google, Mail presents another dialogbox asking you to specify the name you wish to use with your Gmailaccount.

How do I import emails from Windows Live Mail to Gmail?

3 Answers

  1. Copy All the messages to your windows mail inbox.
  2. Goto Settings tab of your gmail account.
  3. Goto Accounts and import tab.
  4. Click Import mails and contacts.
  5. Type your Windows Live Hotmail email address under What accountwhich you wish to import.
  6. Make sure Import contacts and Import mail are checked.

Can I use Gmail with Windows Live Mail?

Here you will have to enter you email ID andpassword. For Gmail accounts, Windows Live Mailautomatically uses IMAP for email retrieval. If you want touse POP, check Manually configure server settings. Youcan now see the Gmail account folders in the leftpane of Windows Live Mail.

How do I delete an email account from Windows Live?

Delete email addresses through theAccounts listing Another way to remove email accounts from WindowsLive Mail: go through the Accounts dialog. Click on theFile button (top left), and choose Options > Emailaccounts. When the dialog opens, click to select anaccount and click on the “Remove”button.

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