What is the synonym of graceful?

What is the synonym of graceful?
elegant, stylish, tasteful, refined,sophisticated,dignified, distinguished, discerning, with goodtaste, poised.fashionable, cultured, cultivated, beautiful,attractive,appealing, lovely, comely. charming, polished, suave,urbane,dashing. luxurious, sumptuous, opulent, grand,plush,exquisite.


Considering this, what is a graceful person?

A graceful person, in the first sense, is onewhois unruffled, someone who can deal with trials andtribulationswithout breaking step. This can be a distinct advantagein relatingto other people. It can help put them at their ease andhelp themhave confidence in us and what we are trying todo.

Similarly, what is the synonym of elegance? Synonyms of elegance class, classiness, courtliness, elegancy,fineness,grace, gracefulness, handsomeness, majesty,refinement,stateliness.

Subsequently, question is, how do you describe a graceful movement?


  1. Said of movement. lissome, supple, limber, agile, lithe,pliant,nimble, elastic, springy, easy, dexterous, adroit,smooth,controlled, balletic, sylphlike, light-footed, willowy,poised,practiced, skilled, rhythmic, sprightly, elegant.
  2. Said of objects or persons.
  3. Said of conduct.

How do you use graceful in a sentence?

Examples of graceful in a Sentence the long, graceful neck of a swan His writingisclear and graceful. There was no graceful way tosayno to their offer.

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What exactly is grace?

Divine grace is a theological term present inmanyreligions. It has been defined as the divine influencewhichoperates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspirevirtuousimpulses, and to impart strength to endure trial andresisttemptation; and as an individual virtue or excellence ofdivineorigin.

How can I be graceful in life?


  1. Be comfortable in your own skin. People who are gracefulareknown to be in control of their bodies.
  2. Maintain proper posture.
  3. Breathe deeply and fully.
  4. Improve your flexibility.
  5. Dress gracefully.
  6. Wear makeup, if it suits you.
  7. Walk with purpose.
  8. Sit with grace.

What is a graceful woman?

A woman who is poised is not easy to come by.Afeminine woman is often the epitome of grace, eleganceandpoise. The definition of poise is: ‘A graceful andelegantbearing; composure of dignity and manner’.

What does it mean when someone says you have grace?

grace. Grace commonly refers to asmoothand pleasing way of moving, or a polite and thoughtful wayofbehaving. But when someone says they were late totheairport and only made it onto their plane by the graceofGod, they’re talking about grace inthecontext of God’s favor.

What are the characteristics of a loving person?

Here’s what true love feels like:

  • Effortless and Eternal Attraction. When we are truly inlovewith someone, we discover moments of love and affection in themostnormal of situations.
  • Mutual Respect.
  • Acceptance.
  • Selflessness.
  • Trust.
  • Healing.
  • Growth.
  • Companionship.

What are noble qualities?

a. Having or showing qualities of highmoralcharacter, such as courage, generosity, or honor: anoblespirit. b. Proceeding from or indicative of such acharacter;showing magnanimity: “What poor an instrument / Maydo anoble deed!” (

What is an unassuming person?

unassuming. The word unassumingmeansmodest, lacking in arrogance, pleasant, or polite. You’ll findthatsome of the most unassuming people are actually themostinteresting and powerful of all. They’re just decent enough nottodisplay it all the time.

What is an exceptional person?

A person who thrives in the Being of Who theyarerather than what has been dictated to them isexceptional.This would mean the person was highlyself-aware, andnon-judgmentally so, allowing for true growth withinthemselvesand, thus, others.

What is the adjective of movement?

Adjectives used to describemovementinclude: slow, slight, moderate, gradual, steady,quick, rapid,significant, sharp, substantial, dramatic. Used toshow a smallchange: slight.

What part of speech is graceful?

adjective. characterized by elegance or beauty ofform,manner, movement, or speech; elegant: agracefuldancer; a graceful reply.

What is the mean of elegant?

adjective. tastefully fine or luxurious in dress,style,design, etc.: elegant furnishings. gracefully refinedanddignified, as in tastes, habits, or literary style:anelegant young gentleman; an elegantprosodist.graceful in form or movement: an elegant wave ofthehand.

Is graceful a adjective?

adjective. characterized by elegance or beautyofform, manner, movement, or speech; elegant: agracefuldancer; a graceful reply.

How do you describe a dance in words?

smooth, rhythmic, sensuous, sinuous, energized,precise,staccato, percussive, Latin, rowdy, dirty,provocative,interpretive, primitive, ritualistic, evocative,moving, cultural,uplifting, inspirational, entertaining, vigorous,engaging, FUN,… Can you describe a very beautifuldance inwords?

What is an adjective grammar monster?

An adjective phrase is a group of words headedbyan adjective that modifies a noun. Example: Shehadextremely menacing eyes.

What does the suffix ful mean in graceful?

-ful. WORD ORIGIN. a suffixmeaning“full of,” “characterizedby”(shameful; beautiful; careful; thoughtful);“tendingto,” “able to” (wakeful; harmful);“as muchas will fill” (spoonful).

How would you describe a fish swimming?

Fish swim by flexing their bodies and tailbackand forth. Fish stretch or expand their muscles on onesideof their body, while relaxing the muscles on the other side.Thismotion moves them forward through the water. Fish usetheirback fin, called the caudal fin, to help push them throughthewater.

How do you use elegance in a sentence?

elegance Sentence Examples

  1. She shrugged with as much elegance as she could muster, andeyedhim with deliberate interest.
  2. His Presidential Discourses (published, London, 1896) werefullof elegance and culture.
  3. The lean-to is the least desirable form, since itscarcelyadmits of elegance of design, but it is necessarily adoptedin manycases.

How do you use elegant in a sentence?

elegant Sentence Examples. And then hesteppedforward, looking elegant in a dark tuxedo. Natashaturnedher pretty little head toward the elegant youngofficer andsmiled at him over her bare shoulder. He lookedelegant in alight gray suit that accentuated his darktan.

What is an adjective for elegance?

adjective. adjective. /ˈ?l?g?nt/1(ofpeople or their behavior) attractive and showing a good senseofstyle synonym stylish She was tall and elegant. (ofclothes,places, and things) attractive and designed well synonymstylish anelegant dress anelegantroom/restaurant.

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