What is the smallest zone of Nepal?

What is the smallest zone of Nepal?
Nepal’s Largest, Smallest, Longest, Tallest

  • palace : Basanta pur’s 9 storey palace.
  • temple: Nyapatole (bhaktapur)
  • spring : Hyantung spring (terrathum 365m)
  • tower : N.T.C.’s tower at phulchowki.
  • pillar : Ashoka Pillar (lumbini)
  • Smallest.
  • district : Bhaktapur (119 sq.km)
  • zone : Mahakali (6989 sq.km) World’s.


Also question is, which is the smallest zone of Nepal by area?

Bhaktapur is the smallest district of Nepal,whichoccupies an area of 119 squarekilometres.

Subsequently, question is, how many zones are there in Nepal? 14

Considering this, which is the smallest district of Nepal?


Which zone is Kathmandu?

Kathmandu District is a district in BagmatiZone,Central Development Region, Nepal atlatitude27°41′38.76″ North,longitude85°22′39.00″ East.

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Which province has less grassland in Nepal?

Province 6 is the smallest provinceinNepal and includes the districts of Dailekh, Dolpa,Humla,Jajarkot, Jumla, Kalikot Mugu, Rukum (western part)Salyan,Surkhet.

Which is the shortest river of Nepal?

This river is one of the shortestbutfiercest river for a rafting trip. If you are short oftimeand longing for more adrenaline rush, Bhote Koshi , is thereforyou. Sun Koshi means “the river of gold”inNepali. National Geographic has rated this riverasone of the top ten white water rivers to raft intheworld.

Which is the tallest pillar of Nepal?

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue (Nepali:??????????????) is the world’s tallest Shiva temple. It issecondtallest Hindu deity after Garuda Wisnu Kencana StatueinBali, Indonesia. It is situated in Sanga, on the border oftheBhaktapur and Kavrepalanchwok districts in Nepal, about20km from Kathmandu.

How is Nepal district?

Nepal is divided into 5 development regions,14zones and 75 districts.

How high is Nepal?

It rises from as low as 59 metres (194 ft) elevationinthe tropical Terai—the northern rim of the GangeticPlain,beyond the perpetual snow line to some 90 peaks over 7,000metres(22,966 ft) including Earth’s highest 8,848 metres (29,029ft)Mount Everest or Sagarmatha.

Is Nepal tropical?

Nepal has a great deal of variation inclimate.Its latitude is about the same as that of Florida, andatropical and subtropical climate exists in theTaraiRegion.

What are the three regions of Nepal?

Nepal is topographically divided intothreeregions: the Himalaya to the north, the middle hillsconsistingof the Mahabharat range and the Churia Hills, and theTerai to thesouth. The Himalaya and its foothills make up thenorthern borderof the country and represent 16% of the totallandarea.

Which is the biggest district of Nepal?


What is the old name of Nepal?

The word Nepal is first attested intheAtharvaveda Parisista; it is derived from an older fromofNepa (????:), the name of Kathmandu valley inNepalBhasa, the language of Newars, who were the earlyinhabitants ofthe valley, long before the unificationofNepal.

Which is the youngest district of Nepal?

East rukum

Who was the first king of Nepal?

Prithvi Narayan Shah

Which district has more population?

India is a country with more than 1.21Billionpopulations. It is currently second largestpopulatedcountry in the world after China.

Rank 2
District North Twenty Four Parganas
State West Bengal
Approximate (1.00 Crore)
2011 Census Population 10009781

Who divided Nepal into 75 districts?

In 2008 Nepal was proclaimed afederalrepublic and old administrative units restricted afteradoption ofnew constitution on 20 September 2015. Formerly,Nepal wasdivided into 5 development regions, 14zones, 75districts, 58 municipalities (before 2014) and 3157villagedevelopment committee.

Is Nepal a city or a country?

Nepal, the landlocked multiethnic,multilingual,multi-religious country, is situated north ofIndia in theHimalayas, in the region where, about 40 to 50 millionyears ago,the Indian subcontinent has crashed intoAsia.

What is the second largest city in Nepal?

Nepal – Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Kathmandu , Central Region 1,442,271
2 Pokhara , Western Region 200,000
3 Patan , Central Region 183,310
4 Biratnagar , Eastern Region 182,324

Is Nepal a developing country?

Nepal is one of the 48 LDCs in the world.ForNepal to graduate to a developing country it hastomeet two of the three criteria the United Nations has set:grossnational income per capita and the threshold for human assetindexwhich includes health, and nutrition index andEducationindex.

What is the headquarter of Mechi Zone?

Its headquarters are at Ilam. It comes undertheEastern Development Region of Nepal. The Indian state of Biharisto the south, West Bengal and Sikkim in East and Tibet tothenorth.

What are the five development regions of Nepal?

Development regions of Nepal

No. English name Nepali name
2 Central Development Region ?????????? ????? ???????
3 Western Development Region ??????????? ????? ???????
4 Mid-Western Development Region ???? ??????????? ????? ???????
5 Far-Western Development Region ????? ??????????? ????? ???????

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